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What’s so Manly About Cast Iron?

Every man should have their own Cast Iron.

Cast Iron cookware are one of those things that can be passed down from generation to generation.  Cast Irons become seasoned after years of morning breakfasts, hearty dinners, and special holiday treats.

They are super versatile as well. They can be used for cooking in the oven, on the stove top, or over a grill or an open fire while camping. If there was a symbol for manliness in the kitchen, it would be the Cast Iron.

The great thing about cooking in Cast Iron is that after every use it gets better and holds onto more stories.  Stories you shared with friends and family while enjoying a meal cooked in the Cast Iron.  Like that new recipe you tried that didn’t really come out the way it was planned, or when you underestimated the weight of the Cast Iron and it nearly smashed your big toe.

My wife asked me, why do I consider my Cast Iron a symbol of manliness?

I returned back with a questions and asked her what she thought manliness meant, she described it as – Someone hard-headed, stubborn, strong, and compassionate.  A person who becomes wiser as he ages but is still a little boy at heart.   He’s confident but not arrogant, and strives to be the provider for his family.  He’s simple but yet complicated.

Sounds pretty close? I think so.

Out of all of the cookware out there, men should know how to handle a Cast Iron.  It should be a passage way into manhood.

Now some women may feel this is a bit far fetch because they enjoy cooking in Cast Iron as well.  To men, there’s nothing sexier than a woman knows how to handle a Cast Iron.  It shows us that she knows how to handle a man.

What are your feelings about your Cast Iron?

featured image by: thirschfeld