Your e-commerce website may be successful, but that doesn’t mean that you stop promoting it. You must come up with creative promotion ideas to attract more customers and retain existing ones. Coming up with creative and effective promotion ideas for your e-commerce website can be a great challenge, but when implemented the right way, can drive up your sales. Most of all, these promotion techniques can help convert random one-time buyers into brand evangelists. Let’s look at the 5 smart promotion techniques that you should implement in your e-commerce websites today:

Offer discounts on your e-commerce platforms

‘’Percentage-based discount’’ is a promotion technique that has been used over the years, but it’s still very effective. Humans are naturally wired to consider products whose original price has been significantly slashed. You can test out with various percentages to determine one that is most effective. Just make sure that the percentage you choose doesn’t affect your profit margin.

Buying one product and getting another for free is a valid promotion strategy for your e-commerce websites

Face it; everyone loves free things regardless of their financial status. If you have a slow moving item, you can promote it by offering another low-priced item for free. This can help you get rid of slow-moving items in your store.

Your e-commerce websites’ sales can skyrocket if you offer free shipping

Shipping can add up the cost of any product. Why should a customer buy a product costing $50, plus $20 for shipping cost, when they can just buy it for $50 in a local brick-and-motor store? Offering free shipping can help you ease the burden on the customer and encourage them to buy online, rather than in-store.

Reward points can increase your e-commerce websites sales

A reward point is one of the best ways to get your customers to visit your e-commerce website more often and increase their purchases. Reward points involve offering your customers points when they purchase certain products. They can later redeem those points for a product of their liking.

Offer quantity discount on your e-commerce platforms

As the name suggests, quantity discount involves slashing the overall cost of certain items bought in large quantities. This is a great promotion technique to get slow-moving items out of your store quickly.


There are many occasions you can offer these promotions, such as during prelaunch, holidays, abandoned cart, first-time site visitors and more. For these promotion strategies to succeed, marketers recommend that you work hand in hand with your SEO Company.


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