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What is Cast Iron Foodie?

Cast Iron Foodie is space for recipes all from cast iron. Why? Because cooking in a cast iron makes food taste frickin’ awesome.  This is a space for men to learn and discuss the art of flavor, simplicity, and manliness.

Is the Cast Iron Foodie a Space for Me?

Listen, if you are already an executive chef or professional cook, then this place may not be for you.  This space is for the guys who want to contribute more to the kitchen, not afraid to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, cook up amazing flavor, and keep it simple.  Men should know how to cook, real men should know how to cook in a Cast Iron.

How Do I Really Feel About Cast Iron?

It’s probably, if not, the manliest most sexiest cookware out there.  Every man should own one and I’m sure every woman loves a man who knows how to handle one.

Who’s the Guys Behind Cast Iron Foodie?

What’s up? My name is Danny, a guy who enjoys creating dishes in Cast Iron and drinking from a Mason Jar.  My recipes usually consist of dishes inspired by restaurant visits, the Food Network or Cooking Channel (especially when you watch – The Best Thing I Ever Ate), or whatever I find in the fridge. I’m not a professional chef or have any experience working in a restaurant, I just love to cook and eat great food while enjoying a cold drink.

Are You Saying Cast Iron Should Only Be Used by Men?

Hell no, what I’m saying is that us, guys, need to step up our game in the kitchen.  And the best way to do so is with the mighty Cast Iron. Being able to handle a cast iron is a step towards becoming more of a man.  Ladies, you got your shit together already.

What Kind of Food do You Cook?

Whatever I feel like.  I love all sorts of food.  I do focus on creating healthy dishes that are full of flavor  but I still cook up some dishes where you may say, “Oh, you are an evil man,” or “I love you man.”

Okay, So What is Your Favorite Food?

Who can really answer that question with just one thing? It’s impossible to choose a favorite.  I do have a love affair with breakfast, steaks, potatoes, eggs, and bacon.  Yea, I guess you could say it’s a typical guy’s favorite favorite food list. On the softer side, I can eat a whole chocolate cake if I wanted to, and  I feel a little intimate when I see a pie.

Thanks for cruising by and checking out the Cast Iron Foodie space.

Remember, everything tastes better from a cast iron.


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