The innovation of website builders heralded a new age of creating websites. Before this, business owners had to rely on web designers to create websites from scratch. A web designer was and is still expensive. Today, you can create your own website without paying a dime with website builder free. However, 3 components are necessary for a web builder to fulfill its functions:

i.Top websites builder must come with a dashboard

A dashboard is one of the most critical components of any website builder. It’s the index page of the control panel for a website. The dashboard lets you perform essential website activities like creating new websites or blogs, managing the site, and scouring through the various templates to choose the best. A dashboard is web-based, which means you can access it from anywhere. A dashboard should be easy to use, custom-made and easily extended, should contain Content Management System (CMS) to let you manage your content, allow you to update settings and contain different tools and utilities to fortify your website.

ii.Top websites builder must feature a Content Overview Page

This page enables you to work on your daily activities like creating content, updating and editing existing content, incorporating new menus and blocks, setting up categories and updating them. The most important thing that you can get off the content overview page is the search and filter box. If you’re searching for any content on your site, this is your best friend. However, note that it will only show content types, such as basic page, card page, document, and news. It will not show any entities or blogs. Below, you’ll be able to see a comprehensive list of all the content on the site with the columns of title, type of content, status, author, updated date, and operations. With these features, it’s easy to see why Content Overview Page is critical for any website.

iii. Drag and drop feature is important for any top websites builder

The drag and drop is an innovative feature that lets you organize your web pages. Specifically, it enables you to add new elements, such as text, images, audios and more to the page and decide the kind of layout (row or column) that you want for your page.


If you’re evaluating website builders, make sure the one you choose has the three features. These three are like the brain of your website. Without them, you can’t customize your site to your liking.

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