When the topic of e-commerce web design comes up, one of the phrases you’re likely to hear is open source code. You can find many options when it comes to e-commerce platforms, including open source and self-hosted. With the rapid growth of hosted e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Weebly, it makes you wonder what benefits open source e-commerce platforms bring.

Open source e-commerce websites explained

Open source is a software related term. Loosely stated, it means that the recipe for any given work is freely accessible to anyone to use. When we talk about open source e-commerce software, it means that the software code is accessible to anyone, which means they can make any modifications to it to make it robust. The benefits of an open source e-commerce platform are that it gives anyone access to the source, allow free remix and redistributions, offers a higher level of cooperation and prevents cases of predatory vendor lock-in. Hosted e-commerce websites don’t give access to software code. They only allow access to design changes and to make templates. A non-open source e-commerce website limits you when you want to create a highly customizable e-commerce platform.

Open source e-commerce platforms offer a high-level of flexibility

When creating an e-commerce website, you’ll need to add more functionality to fortify it, especially if it experiences impressive growth. With a closed system, it would be impossible to add features. With an open system, you can do it yourself or hire developers to adjust the code and add more functionality.

When buying a website template, there is the likelihood that your e-commerce platform will look like other platforms. When you’re creating an e-commerce website, you aim to make it unique. An open-source platform will allow you to customize the template to fit your business goals and needs.

Open source e-commerce websites help optimize your site for search engines

An open source system lets you incorporate on-page and off-page SEO techniques, which might not have been possible with a closed system. SEO is critical to ensuring prospective customers discover your e-commerce website. That’s why most business owners spend a lot of money to ensure their sites appear on the first page of search engines.


In this day and age where competition is stiffer in the e-commerce business landscape, you need to be reviewing and adjusting your websites functionalities to remain competitive. With a closed system, you are stuck with what you have, which is why it’s recommended that you choose an open source e-commerce platform.


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